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Couchbase Server

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use our 1U and 2U chassis EXCLUSIVELY!

So imagine how our 1U and 2U chassis can help YOU!!

SERVERS are the lifeblood of most businesses today and downtime is not an option.

One way to avoid down time is to house your server by using a case designed and manufactured by the experts for the experts.

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ADVITE Inc.'s engineers did exactly that. We have consulted with the companies that have hundreds of servers, to come up with a more advanced design that incorporated their best ideas. An epiphany of design, Pluto family (2U Chassis), thus was developed and it can fit six plus one (optional) hard drives for maximum storage WITHOUT COMPROMISING any cooling for the hard drives; and HEAT, the number one cause for failure to most servers, is DIMINISHED.

ADVITE INC. is the leader in designing, manufacturing and distributing of industrial computers for Internet telecommunications.